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The Bengali Film Jamalay Jibanta Manush Was Released In The Year 1958 Starring Gourishree, Basabi Nandi, Shela Pal Haradhan Banerjee, Shyam Laha, Ajit Chatterjee, Jahar Roy, Kamal Mitra, Pahari Sanyal, Chhabi Biswas, Tulsi Chakraborty, Bhanu Banerjee. The Bengali Film Is Directed By Prafulla Chakraborty. Shyamal Mitra Scored The Music In The Film.


Siddheshwar and Madhuri decide to flout Hari’s commands and marry. Sidhu threatens Madhu thakur, the village priest into solemnizing their marriage. Just at the end of the ceremony, Hari comes with his guards to snatch away and lock up his daughter and almost murder Sidhu. Sidhu survives the wound but Madhuri, fearing him dead, commits suicide by jumping into the river. The heart broken Sidhu leaves the village before which he gives away his pet buffalo to Madhu Thakur. He travels to the city and lies asleep on the footpath. Two men of lord Yama the live ?. They can’t find the appropriate corpse in the city maze and decides to take the life of Sidhu and kills him once they reach hell. Once there, Sidhu fools them and enters the court of Yama alive. He reveals and condemns the injustice meted out to poor human souls under the auspices of Chitragupta, threatening to publish it all in newspapers once he gets back. Yama tries to mollify him and armed with his blessing, Sidhu chases yama and Chitragupta out of hell with the help of his now dead pet buffalo. Sidhu proceeds to change all the rules for the dead in favour of human beings. Meanwhile, Yama and Chitragupta complain to lord Vishnu who sends Narod to persuade Sidhu to leave. Narod proves a failure when Sidhu asks him to sing modern songs. Then lord Vishnu himself visits Sidhu in disguise and learns about human suffering on earth and the laziness of the gods. He blesses Sidhu instruting him to return to earth once he sees his beloved Madhuri once. Sidhu visits all the spheres of heaven and their various gods. He finds Madhuri at last in Indralok. The pair gives a performance of modern dance in Indra’s court following which Sidhu has to give dancing lessons to apsaras. However, Vishnu’s messenger now asks Sidhu to return to earth according to his promise. Finding it impossible to stay away from each other, Madhuri and Sidhu seek the protection of Mahalakshmi. Seeing their love, she persuades lord Vishnu to give back Madhuri’s life. On earth, Sidhu wakes up to rush back home to find his wife resaved and alive

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